Greenhouse gas footprint

Greenhouse gas (GHG) footprint research aims to improve characterisation and management of gas industry greenhouse gas impacts.

Research projects

Ambient air quality in the Surat Basin

The aim of this research project is to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the air quality in the Surat Basin region in Queensland using a network of air quality monitoring stations and modelling. Watch the video for more information and read the fact sheet.

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Read the Surat Basin regional air quality, Queensland fact sheet, August 2016 (PDF, 400 KB).

Methane seeps in the Surat Basin

The aims of the current research project are to detect and measure methane seeping from underground in the Surat Basin, and identify sources of methane to provide methane emissions data on a regional scale. This data set can be used to compare changes in methane concentrations as coal seam gas production increases in the Surat Basin. Watch the video for more information.

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More details of the research project are available, click here (PDF, 872 KB).

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